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Classic Red Hots Catering is the vision and passion of founder and owner Steve Cori also known as "Big Pappy". Steve came to St.Louis from The Jeffery Manor area on the south side of Chicago. Steve quickly wanted to share a more diverse Chicago Style food menu and a more never compromising authenticity experience than was found in the St.Louis area. In April 1998 after extensively researching possible options he opened "Classic Red Hots" the restaurant. "Classic Red Hots" quickly became a hit with lines out the door almost everyday for lunch. People still tell stories of how they would come to the restaurant multiple times a week or look forward to introducing friends to the restaurant. We even hear from some folks who talk about being a kid and riding their bike to eat at the restaurant.

While the restaurant was successful and popular Steve had also began developing a bigger and bigger catering business including full service catering and self-serve packages. In 2009 he decided to sell the restaurant and focus on catering for private and public events. Classic Red Hots Catering was born and is not affiliated with Classic Red Hots. Steve quickly found that while he was busy catering his customers also wanted to be able to find him and his food regularly somewhere. He briefly opened up outside of "Bass Pro Shop" in St.Charles and later moved to our current everyday location at the exit of The Chesterfield Valley Home Depot. On January 5th 2018 our second location opened Classic Red Hots Catering EAST at 14342 South Outer Forty.

Today you can find us everyday at our Chesterfield Valley location, Monday-Friday at our EAST location and at almost 300 catering events during the year. Along with help from his wife Shirley Cori and other helpers Steve shares his passion for the "full experience" to thousand's of what he likes to call our extended family or The Classic Family. Steve also delivers a unique sense of humor(just a warning). We hope to serve you soon at our Chesterfield Valley location, EAST location or at a catering event.

The adventure continues.

If you would like more information about us or our services we invite you to contact us.

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